The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Start: 2017-06-20
Last June, the students of 1º ESO A and B, who chose musical theater in the subject of free disposal, performed an adaptation of the play "T… More info.

Making a podcast

Start: 2017-05-07
To learn more about podcasting, we visited the YLE X3M one school day. We sat down with Lucas Dahlström and talked about what a podcast real… More info.

Students of Riga Secondary School No. 25 in Finland, Sipoo, recording podcasts.

Start: 2017-05-07
On 5th May, 2017 five Riga Secondary School students accompanied by three teachers – Gita Šulce, Rudīte Liepiņa and Tālvaldis Mežis , went … More info.

Gymkhana in the streets of Nickby

Start: 2017-05-06
The group of students that where to Zagreb from 5.3-11.3.2017 now held the same competition in Nickby that they participated in in Zagreb. T… More info.

Orienteering event "Gymkhana" in Riga

Start: 2017-04-19
April 19 2017 our high school students will remember for a long time. Orienteering game was held in Riga 25.secondary school and that was a … More info.

Cordoba celebrates an International Gymkhana in its streets

Start: 2017-03-30
Students from 3rd and 4rd year of ESO from IES Ángel de Saavedra, Clara de Campoamor (Lucena), Grupo Cántico, Jerez y Caballero (Hinojosa de… More info.



Croatia, Zagreb - 18 Gimnazija
Finland, Sibbo - Kungsvägen skola
Italy, Urbino - IIS Raffaello
Latvia, Riga - 25 Riga Secondary School
Spain, Córdoba - IES Trassierra


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