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Gymkhana in the streets of Nickby

Finland, (Nickby)
Area: Gymkhana
Date start: 2017-05-06
Date end: 2021-05-07

The group of students that where to Zagreb from 5.3-11.3.2017 now held the same competition in Nickby that they participated in in Zagreb. The competition was named gymkhana. They had to navigate a course and answer questions that had to do with green house effect, poverty and social exclusion, unem...

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Orienteering event "Gymkhana" in Riga

Latvia, (Riga)
Area: Gymkhana
Date start: 2017-04-19
Date end: 2017-04-19

April 19 2017 our high school students will remember for a long time. Orienteering game was held in Riga 25.secondary school and that was a beautiful and sunny day concerning strategy "Europe 2020". The main strategy ideas were used in the event: Employment, research and development, climate change ...

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Cordoba celebrates an International Gymkhana in its streets

Córdoba, (Córdoba)
Area: Gymkhana
Date start: 2017-03-30
Date end: 2017-03-30

Students from 3rd and 4rd year of ESO from IES Ángel de Saavedra, Clara de Campoamor (Lucena), Grupo Cántico, Jerez y Caballero (Hinojosa del Duque), Medina Azahara, Profesor Tierno Galván (La Rambla), Zoco y Trassierra have participated today in the gymkhana "European Active Citizenship", a cop...

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International Gymkhana in the streets of Zagreb

Zagreb, (Zagreb)
Area: Gymkhana
Date start: 2017-03-06
Date end: 2017-03-10