Córdoba, (Córdoba)
Area: Gymkhana
Date Start: 2017-03-30
Date End: 2017-03-30

Students from 3rd and 4rd year of ESO from IES Ángel de Saavedra, Clara de Campoamor (Lucena), Grupo Cántico, Jerez y Caballero (Hinojosa del Duque), Medina Azahara, Profesor Tierno Galván (La Rambla), Zoco y Trassierra have participated today in the gymkhana "European Active Citizenship", a copy of one of the activities programed within the international project of exchange of good practices "European Active Citizenship", of the Erasmus + project coordinated by IES Trassierra where High Schools of Latvia, Croatia, Italy and Finland are participating as well.

A total of 160 participants distributed in 40 teams have done a tour through the streets of the city looking for four base points that should be placed on a map solving small clues and mathematical puzzles.

At each of these base points they had to answer a battery of questions in English with the information obtained from the panels located there. The posters referred to one of the objectives of the Europe 2020 growth strategy and in which all the project countries have been working. In this way, students have become familiar with the functioning of European institutions meanwhile they worked with information about immigration movements, combating poverty and social exclusion, renewable energy and sustainable development and youth employment in Europe. This activity has enabled them at the same time to develop their communication and mathematical skills.

At the end of gymkhana the prize ceremony has been celebrated in the Merced Palace.
It was attended by the delegate of Youth and Sports of the provincial institution, Martín Torralbo, the Coordinator of Plurilingualism of the Territorial Delegation of Education, Ana Calatayud, the principal of IES Trassierra, Inmaculada Troncoso and the teacher and project coordinator, Eduardo Cas The winning teams belong to the institutes IES Grupo Cántico (first prize), Medina Azahara (second prize) y Jerez y Caballero (third prize). 
Congratulations to all the winners!

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