Latvia, (Riga)
Area: Gymkhana
Date Start: 2017-04-19
Date End: 2017-04-19

April 19 2017 our high school students will remember for a long time. Orienteering game was held in Riga 25.secondary school and that was a beautiful and sunny day concerning strategy "Europe 2020". The main strategy ideas were used in the event: Employment, research and development, climate change and development, education, poverty and social exclusion. This event was inspired by the game „Gymkhana”, which is included in the Erasmus + K2 project "European active citizenship" which took place in March 2017 – in Zagreb, Croatia. The main coordinators of the project were from Spain Cordoba school team. In the project participated students from Finland, Italy, Croatia, Spain and Latvia. Preparation for this competition was held several months ago – and then were created three comprehensive posters about the already mentioned themes. Approaching April 19 there were