Finland, (Nickby)
Area: Gymkhana
Date Start: 2017-05-06
Date End: 2021-05-07

The group of students that where to Zagreb from 5.3-11.3.2017 now held the same competition in Nickby that they participated in in Zagreb. The competition was named gymkhana. They had to navigate a course and answer questions that had to do with green house effect, poverty and social exclusion, unemployment. To our competition there came students and teachers from four different schools. These schools where Sipoonjoen koulu, Sipoonlahden koulu, Botby skola and Sibbo Gymnasium. On top of this we took some student from our own school that had not been part of the group that went to Zagreb.
From these students, we made five groups that then navigated the streets of Nickby. The students that had done this in Zagreb stood on the base points and handed out the question sheets. Unfortunatily the wheatear was not the best with some light rain from time to time and a very cold wind. So, all the teams did not make it to all the base points in time. But all in all, we are very pleased how the day turned out

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