Finland, (Nickby)
Area: Radio
Date Start: 2017-05-07
Date End: 2017-05-12

To learn more about podcasting, we visited the YLE X3M one school day. We sat down with Lucas Dahlström and talked about what a podcast really is, how it looks and what we wanted to talk about. Environment is our main subject, but because it`s so wide we decided to talk about plastic. When we had listened to parts of some podcasts to hear how the music usually sounds, we went to the studio. There we tried to interview each other and we all thought it was incredibly fun, but also educational. What we just heard about was clearing as we tried out and we realized why it`s so important to listen carefully and help each other when answering questions, for example. The biggest challenge was, of course, to interview and find follow-up questions, but the best way to learn is to try it out. Of course, we also got help from Lucas and the encouragement of our teacher, which made it easier. The day at YLE was instructive and fun. Everything we discussed, went through and practiced was very helpful also when we went back to Sibbo and continued to do our own podcasts using our Erasmus teacher assistant from Czech Republic, Dascha. We now hear how much we learned about YLE. The European Union 2020 goal will be much clearer for us who participate in this Erasmus + project and we know now much more about them.
Ella Forss, Pernilla Sundström, Isabella Grön, Alexandra Grön and Ylva Holmberg, grade 8c and d at Kungsvägens skola in Sibbo

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