Finland, (Sippo)
Area: Radio
Date Start: 2017-05-07
Date End: 2017-05-13

On 5th May, 2017 five Riga Secondary School students accompanied by three teachers – Gita Šulce, Rudīte Liepiņa and Tālvaldis Mežis , went to Finland for Erasmus + project “European Active Citizenship”. The five participating countries in this project are – Latvia, Finland, Croatia, Spain and Italy. Trip to Finland is the next stage in Erasmus + K2 project European Active Citizenship, the first activity was in March, in Zagreb, Croatia - game Gymkhana.
At the airport, students were greeted by their host families and taken to their homes. On the first day, we went to Kungsvagens School, where we met students from and other countries students and discussed this week’s plans. To overcome embarrassment and insecurity, there were prepared some get-to-know games.
On the second day, we felt like Sipoo students and participated in lessons. One of the main tasks was radio podcast making about same theme as in Zagreb – strategy Europe 2020.
In Riga, we had practiced making interviews, commercials, news, adding proper music and speaking text and on this day, we had to do the same in groups of students from different countries. After lunch, all countries one by one were invited to the stage and asked different questions by Finnish students about their countries. Since 9th of May is the Europe day, questions were made in game Kahoot! We all answered them and one pupil from our team – Māris Popēns got the second place from 160 participants. Later on, dances and even though the weather was not the best, some students from different countries went to play football and basketball in snow- that was the most uniting activity of all trip.
Wednesday was meant for orientation games in Helsinki. There we were divided into teams and in mobile app Seppo we received game tasks. To get extra points we were given raw eggs, which we had to cook. The game lasted for 4hours and unfortunately the weather was bad – again snow and rain. The team with Māris Popēns won the first place in this game. After the game, frozen but happy we went to Nacional Art Museum, where we learned a lot new about art of Finland. When activities were over, we used the chance to shop in stores that are not in Latvia.
On Thursday we participated in lessons and recorded radio podcasts, then using program Audacity, we learned to put everything together. The game Alias, which we played in free time, really brought us together
Friday was meant for activities in the wood, there we learned how to build a tent, carved wood kitchen utensils and played games. Latvians as a singing nation were singing all the time, Latvian songs and world-known songs. After the wood activities, some students went to Helsinki to get the last souvenirs. We were very upset because we did not say goodbye to anyone, but that is nothing bad because we can contact them on social networks and apps.
On the next day, we went to the airport to fly home. Everyone was having dual feelings – missing home but missing new friends as well.
This was an amazing experience. Working in project “European Active Citizenship” we have met a lot of new friends from different countries and brought Latvia’s name into the world. We will contact each other for sure. Work in this project will continue and next meeting is planned in Spain, where participants will make a theater show about topic Europe 2020.

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