Latvia, (Riga)
Area: Gymkhana
Date Start: 2017-04-26
Date End: 0000-00-00

April 19 2017 our high school students will remember for a long time. Orienteering game was held in Riga 25.secondary school and that was a beautiful and sunny day concerning strategy "Europe 2020". The main strategy ideas were used in the event: Employment, research and development, climate change and development, education, poverty and social exclusion. This event was inspired by the game „Gymkhana”, which is included in the Erasmus + K2 project "European active citizenship" which took place in March 2017 – in Zagreb, Croatia. The main coordinators of the project were from Spain Cordoba school team. In the project participated students from Finland, Italy, Croatia, Spain and Latvia.
Preparation for this competition was held several months ago – and then were created three comprehensive posters about the already mentioned themes. Approaching April 19 there were several informative meetings and a serious preparation in the school –tricky questions were also found, designed a map with checkpoints, which in the total were four – the checkpoints were arranged around Ķengaraga district precisely clarified the rules to ensure that the competition is honest.
During the day of the event all participants of six high school classes, excited and happy, gathered at the entrance of the school, where the teacher Gita Šulce and the student of 12th grade Sandra Jurena told us about the daily schedule, rules, various factors, that must be taken into account. Many students used the bicycles as means of transportation. Each class created “Instagram” profile, where their routine was published.
Finally, there was given a start of competition and the students got coordinates of the first checkpoint. In each checkpoint, there were different questions about posters with various themes, also the teacher, and one student who already had taken part in "Gymkhana" game in Zagreb and one voluntary student from each class who was controlling all process.
When participants were approaching checkpoints, they had startled faces, especially when the other class arrived and spirit of competition increased.
When all the four checkpoints were passed and the answers to the questions were found, the students arrived to school, where the finish time was recorded and answers were submitted.
Thanks to our attractive members of the jury, the scoring was quick and the champions were found soon.
All teams have gathered at 3o`clock to find out the results. The student’s impatience was incredible, when the results were announced:
• 1st place – 11.a grade
• 2nd place – 12.a grade
• 3rd place – 11.b grade
• Thanks to – 10.a, 10.b and 12.b grades
After the orienteering, game many students expressed their pleasure about this event and also expressed a desire to repeat it. Maybe we could organize one about "Latvia 100"? Sounds interesting!
Overall, this game was very useful, because the students got knowledge of the popular topics in the European Union and also became closer with each other.

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