Croatia, (Zagreb)
Area: Gymkhana
Date Start: 2017-04-04
Date End: 0000-00-00

Go! Be active! Do not stay behind! Our students made this motto turn into their reality, while they were staying in Zagreb.
On March 5th, 2017, Riga Secondary School no. 25 students and their teachers Tālivaldis Mežis and Rudīte Liepiņa went to Zagreb to present Latvia and participate in the Erasmus K2 project European Active Citizenship. Although the traveling took more than half of a day and included three flights and long hours of waiting in Frankfurt airport, Latvians were ready for adventures when they arrived. The first adventure was meeting with hosts and their families, whom our students were supposed to live with for five days.
Sincere welcoming party at Zagreb gymnasium No. 18, excursions around the city, a huge amount of photos and amazing memories, later having fun with students from Spain, Italy, Finland, and Croatia. This was a schedule for a first day, which brought a lot of funny incidents and good emotions.
Next day students were supposed to get to know each other. The morning started at the gymnasium. Students were split into two groups there. The first group went to the Technical Museum, but the second attended the Ethnographical Museum. Two students from each country went to Zagreb mayors office with their teachers.
The third day was the most important day of the trip. We all prepared for it studied all the information and made posters about Europe 2020. Students met at the gymnasium, where they split into nine teams. Each team consisted of students from different countries. There was a Teachers team too. Explanation of rules was done and all teams were ready to play an orientation game Gymkhana.
Every team had to find base points and find answers to previously given questions in posters that all participating schools made before the trip. The winner had to give the biggest amount of correct answers in shortest time. The game was exciting and helped to get new friends. Latvian teams did a great job two teams with our students got first and second places.
On the fourth day, students went to Archaeological Museum and Museum of Illusions. Both were admitted to be very interesting, although students usually do not prefer attending museums. Teachers were analyzing the results of the Gymkhana and planning the last day of the trip.
On the fifth and the last day of the trip, all participants went to Krapina a tiny town near Zagreb. They visited Neanderthals museum here and learned about the history of our planet and the beginning of life there. Students had a chance to learn about evolution, which was displayed in a huge clock. Every step of evolution was measured in hours, minutes or even seconds. That was the end of the big adventure. A few hours later Latvian team flew back to their homeland.
At the end of the trip, all students agreed that this was truly was a great experience. Everyone got new friends not only in hosting families but in other countries as well. They also developed their English skills and knowledge about the main problems in Europe and their possible solutions. Not to mention good memories and emotions that this trip brought.
But the working process is not finished yet. We are already preparing for the next meeting in Finland. This time the task is to make radio podcasts about strategy Europe 2020.

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Croatia, Zagreb - 18 Gimnazija
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